Uses and Disclaimers


Customers Testimonials Reflect positive results with the following uses:
* Burns (helps to
prevent water blister and stop pain)
* Glass and
Wood Splinters
* Bug Bites (spider,
mosquito. flea)
* Cuts (Even deep
wounds that wont heal)
* Scrapes
* Ingrown Hairs
* Ingrown Toenails
* Skin infections
* Planters Warts
* Pain from wound
* Staph and MRSA
infectious wounds
* Rashes and Eczema on
people and pets
* Dog Bites
* Laser surgery scabs
* Acne
* Dry/cracked cuticles
* Psoriasis
* Foot infections
* Diabetics wounds
(heals faster)
* Abscesses (external use)

J. Evans, Marshfield, MO: (ebay username: wild-mountain-honey)I am so glad I found your salve. My own Grandma always had some around for stings, cuts, bites, etc.  Yours seems to be the same kind! Works great on getting rid of pimples overnight. I got bit by a spider (why I ordered in the first place) and used it for 3 days (just overnight with a band aid), and it was completely gone.  No scarring either.  Thank you for offering this product.
D. Mapes Garden Grove, CA:I was told by a doctor that I had skin cancer and it needed to be cut out.  It was above the skin, bleeding and open. I told them I knew of something called Black Healing Salve that my grandmother used to use on pour cuts and rashes when I was a child and that was close to 50 years ago. They told me they would give it one month and then see what happens. I found Grandma's Healing Salve online, just taking a chance that it was still around. I had this problem for about 10 years and saw it progress. I ordered the salve, used it for about a month, maybe shorter and the problem disappeared and healed nicely. The doctor was amazed. Well I worked in the sun a lot and still do. But anytime I see anything unusual occur on my skin I use the salve again and it fades away.I'M SO GRATEFUL I FOUND THEM ONLINE AGAIN AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!
Granny Cynthia, AL: (ebay username: shopenuf)Hi, My grandson had a mosquito bite that was on his face that turned into a staph and strep infection. It lasted about 4 months and he finally got rid of it with strong antibiotics. During his infection, I got a place on my neck that looked just like his but I did not go to the doctor. I had it for about 2 months and tried using neosporin but it would not go away. It continually filled with pus. I used your salve just 3 days straight and it went away and has not refilled with pus. I wish I had taken photos but I did not. I love it and will use it on all our cuts, scrapes, bites, etc. As a child, 50 plus years ago, my parents used it often on me. It was a staple in our medicine cabinet. 
Mrs. Davis : (ebay username: mrsmrdavis2006)I normally don't contact any of the sellers but I really wanted to contact you. I purchased the Grandma's Healing Salve after having a boil for about 2 weeks that was very painful.  I received your product yesterday and used it last night. Now I have tried many products to no avail. I woke up this morning and the boil was gone and no more pain. I think your product is amazing and I will definitely refer this to everyone and I am sure I will be back to purchase more.  Thank you so much.

J. BlairFirst of all, I'm a registered nurse and understand all the wonderful medicinal properties of Black Healing Salve.  Second, my sweetie is a cajun from Lake Charles, LA who grew up with Black Healing Salve. Being a coon boy, he was always getting hurt and his Mama kept him covered in Black Healing Salve. Therefor when my dog bit me down to the bone the wound wouldn't heal, he tried to get me some black healing salve here in California to no avail.  That's when I found you on the internet.  And it worked!!!  All my nurse friends now swear by Grandma's Healing Salve. Thanks for being there and for being so responsive.
S. Brock, Palmer AK
Hi, I ordered a 2 oz jar of your Healing Salve for an infection on my toe.  Thepain was so bad I could hardly walk. I have been applying the salve every dayfor about a week now, and the pain is almost gone, the infection is almostcleared up. I had tried other "natural" remedies, but none of themwere effective.  I didn't want to go to the regular doctor....price beingonly I started looking for other remedies....there are severaldifferent manufacturers of Healing Salve, but I chose Grandma's Healing Salvebecause of the "homeyness" of it. Glad I did as the problem with mytoes have almost gone away. Thank you for making this product available.
R. FullerI'm a diabetic so cuts heal slowly. Right after I received thesalve I sliced my finger with a filet knife.  After cleaning the wound Iapplied the salve and bandage.  The cut healed in 5 days! Thanks!

C. Dean, IL: (ebay username: cyndidean123)This healing salve works well. It took care of the problem I wasmost concerned about; it was a sliver that had been there almost 3 months. My husband also used it and was able to get the results he wanted. We have the rest ready for when we need it! Thank you for the promptshipment.
C. Hardisty, Littleborough Lancashire, United KingdomI am really thrilled with how quickly this Natural DrawingOintment works.  Antibiotics had failed to clear the infection in myfinger which had been caused by a cyst, yet the drawing ointment workedeffectively within 48 hours. I am so pleased to find a similar product withsuch excellent healing properties.
Dr. Tracey Staley, DNMA  (Doctor of Natural Medicine and
Acupuncture)  Egbert, ON Canada(Ebay username: cpobera):   I had laser treatment for rosacea on my face.  I wastold minimal bruising was possible.  When I was done, the left sideof my face looked like I placed my face on a hot grill, severe blackbruising.  4 days later showed no improvement.  I decided to usethe healing salve covered with gauze on my bruising.  By the thirdmorning, the black bruising was almost not visible.  Please let me knowwhere to send my before and after pictures. My next visit to the dermatologist,I will endorse your product, and show him the quick improvement.  Thankyou!
Carol Hardisty, Littleborough Lancashire UK (ebay username:Robana100):  I am really thrilled with how quickly this Natural DrawingOintment works. Antibiotics had failed to clear the infection in my fingerwhich had been caused by a cyst, yet the drawing ointment worked effectivelywithin 48 hours. My father had some similar black tar ointment which heacquired during the 2nd World War. I am so pleased to find a similar productwith such excellent healing properties.
D. Reed, Canton OH (Ebay username: da_reed1999)  
I just wanted to take a minute to say I was skeptical to saythe least, and so I only bought the 1/2 oz size. This stuff is unreal, let meshare with you, it took 2 of my husbands warts off that we spent tons of moneyon, to no avail, it took away this "thing" on my elbow that they toldme would have to have surgery on. I use it on EVERYTHING! I am 50+ years old,and have had trouble with my chin breaking out and a spot on my cheek (gofigure, never had problems when I was young!) Anyhow, I probably have over 6different things I bought that would not clear it up. And because I have verysensitive skin, was afraid to put it on my face. Finally I thought, heck with it, it looks awful now,I'll try it as it has never let me down. For 2 nights, I used my normalcleanser, globbed it on, put a band aid on it, and guess what, you probablyknow, both spots are almost TOTALLY cleared up after only 2 days!!!! Thank youI AM A BELIEVER. Love your product, thank you "grandma" Debby ReedM. Hoppenworth, Middleburg, FL (Ebay username: KMES719):  My husband got a painful spider bite.  I recommendedthat he put your salve on it.  The pain decreased almostimmediately and within less than two days the bite was gone!
G. Hanson, Phoenix, AZ:  I purchased  2 jars of Grandma's healing salve. It worksgreat, pulled out a glass sliver from my foot overnight. My dog had an infection in her paw.  I used Grandma's healing salve andshe was walking on it the next day.  It also took the swellingout of a cyst in my back.  Best product I've ever used.  Irecommend it to all my friends.
T. Wright, Newark NJ (Ebay username: cpobera):  The Healing Salve is working great, my 7 year old son had abig long thick piece of floor wood in his foot.  I got most of it out, but then there was a small sliver left in there, that I did not wantto dig for and give him anymorepain.  I ordered the healing salve, because I already new thereputation of it & how it worked very well.  I started usingit right away on his foot, &  within 2 days it had workedit's way out.  Thank You So Much! 
J. Boyd, Vanceboro, NC (Ebay username: everett918):  I tried this stuff with skepticism because my husband hadeczema and my dog has a terrible rash where her hair fell out of her hipand tail.  I have tried everything on her and him with noresults.  My dog just had pups and the rash got worse and she scratchesand digs at herself constantly.  I put some of this salve on her hip andtail and went outside yesterday to put some more on her and had to call myhusband to take a look at her.  It was like a different dog.  She hadcompletely healed up and we were amazed. My husband has been putting it on hiseczema and was to embarrassed over it to let me take any before and afterpics, but his skin has improved 99%.  I didn't take any pictures of thedog because, frankly, I didn't think it was going to help her.  This stuffis amazing.  The only drawback is the smell, but it is repellingfleas on my dog!  Maybe that's a new use for it!  Anyway, will definitely be re-ordering in a bigger size next time.  Try thisstuff, you won't be disappointed.
J. Britton, Shreveport, LA (Ebay username: jrbrittontstc):I had been fighting a glass sliver in the heel of my rightfoot for a week and a half.  Everyone in the family has had a go atdigging it out to no avail.  It had to come out so I did asearch on the internet for drawing salve and you had the best results.  Atthe same time I ordered your salve I ordered lidocaine so I could injectthe sight and cut the glass out.  Both items came in Thursday afternoon1/18. I followed your directions and right away I put some Grandma's Healing salve ona Band-Aid and put it on the heel where the glass was embedded.  Iwas going to give it two days to work and if it didn't I was going to cutit out.  Friday morning 1/19, I got up, removed the Band-Aid and the pieceof glass was out of my foot.  All of our friends were following the saga of the glass in myfoot.  They all now want to know where to order the "Grandma's HealingSalve".  You can be sure we will be ordering more and I now havebecome one of your best salesman. 
B. Leah, Derby, NY (Ebay username: tleah):
I had a sore foot since last summer.  I kept buyingdifferent shoes to no avial.  It started to get better on it's own by menot walking on it so much.  Then it came back very much and reallyhurt.  It took some time and I realized it felt like the plantar'swart I had when I was younger.  So I had your healing salve and I put it onmy foot and within an hour the pain started to go away.  I did try anotherblack salve with bloodroot in it because I thought it was better but in the endI came back to this one for that one hurt too much.  It took the pain awayagain and I have to be patient for each day it is a bit better.  Sothis salve is working nicely and it is nice to be able to walk again as well asgo on long walks this summer with no pain.
C. Gonder, Yuba City CA:
It worked great on my ingrown fingernail. I used it forabout 3-4 days and it felt better.
J. McDougle, Cameron Park, CA: (Pictures below) 
I had pus in myfinger because of an ingrown finger nail. I had to open up the skinwith a sterile needle. I put on the salve for 4 days before it was gone.

A. Billups, Cameron Park, CA: I can't believe how the red lines in my foot were gone overnightand the wound healed completely by the end of the week.  
C. Beck, Pottsboro, TX (Ebay username: cynbutterfly):
I finally got a chance to leave a feedback for you. I've used the salve acouple of times so far.  It seems to be doing a good job! I appreciateyou. After this batch is up, I'll get more. Have a good one.


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