We are based in Alaska. We have a drop ship company so most of the time it ships from California to get to you quicker. We can also be found on Amazon and Ebay if you prefer to purchase there. The jar to the left is a 1oz jar.  A little goes a long way!  Multiple orders get discounts and Family packs are available. 1oz jar is great for camping or traveling.  2oz jar is great for the whole family.

Grandma's Healing Products Pine Tar Salve is a great way to help your body heal itself, safely and easily.  It has been used for many generations and customers have reported uses on many things. From Bug bites to burns and boils. Grandma's Healing Salve does it all.  This recipe has been used since the early 1800's on family and pets. My Grandma Helen passed the recipe on to me. Besides adding an all natural preservative Grapefruit Seed Extract; the recipe remains the same as those many years ago. It's time to go back to nature.